Friday, February 11, 2011

What Would St. Valentine Say?!

In honor of Valentine's Day, Oasis for YA, an online community for writers of young adult fiction, has asked writers to post a romantic and/or sexy excerpt from their books. The following is from my novel, Hannah's Half. A bit of info to set the scene: Hannah's love interest, Adam, is a ghost who's unable to move on to the afterlife. He and Hannah are twin flames (or halves of the same soul) who've spent several past lives together ... each time with disastrous results.


“I need you, too, Hannah.”

He kissed me roughly and I kissed him back. When he pushed me onto the bed, I didn’t stop him. He pulled off his tee shirt, which left his hair disheveled and wild. He straddled me while we both pulled at my tee shirt.

“What if this doesn’t work?”

He stopped my question with another kiss — long and deep and perfect. I unzipped his pants and he pushed my hands away, removing his own jeans while I tore at mine. Our knees bumped clumsily as we kicked to free our legs.

Touching Adam felt like being under water. Our movements became softer and slower as if I was buoyed by the pressure of his body. His kissing slowed and his hands became less desperate and more deliberate. I shuddered when he pulled my leg around him.

Every movement I made was accompanied by a flash of memory; all our past lives in one tornado of emotion. I moved my hand over his smooth chest and down over his belly, hooking my thumb in his boxers – it was the present and past all in the same instant. I’d never felt so complete.

“I want you,” he whispered.

“You’ve always had me,” I said.

“Then I want you even more.”


  1. This is by far the steamiest entry I've read yet. You win the prize for me having to fan myself. ;)

  2. wowza - this is hot as heck. thanks so much for posting. but it's also really romantic - then I want you even more. *sigh*

  3. Smoking hot! I definitely need a fan. I love that it's steamy without being overt.

  4. Oh my God! Totally loved this, especially the last few lines of dialogue. Very intense. I'm really intrigued by the "twin flames" idea you mentioned. When can I buy this book? :)

  5. "What if this doesn't work?" hmmm.....Yep, this was one steamy entry!

  6. Ooh very sexy!

    I like the realistic details of them bumping their knees together and the like. Very sweet and relatable.

    - Liz

  7. Very sensual! It was kind of like they were having sex in paragraph five :D Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gulp. Another hot entry. I'm never going win with this competition!

  9. Holy heck, how does this entry not have more comments? This took steamy to a whole new level. I love the disheveled and wild hair, it's so fitting -- who looks perfectly put together when clothes start getting torn off, really? -- and the knee bumping was a nice touch, a little reminder that while they're in an, ahem, adult situation, they are still in teen bodies that sometimes do silly, awkward things. And when things slow down it goes from seriously hot to seriously romantic without seeming like someone slammed on the brakes.

    There's the perfect mix of action (pushing, pulling, straddling), emotion (like being under water, buoyed, shuddering in response to a touch), internalisation (backstory deftly woven in with "all our past lives in one tornado of emotion") and dialogue ("You've always had me" is cute as hell). Just, wow, this is made of win as the kids say. Who knew ghosts could be so touchable?
    - Sophia.