Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, Friends and Rollercoasters

I hate rollercoasters. Yet, I’ve chosen a profession that makes me feel like I’m trapped on one.
  • Whhhheeeeee! Manuscript finished and ready to send to beta-readers.
  • Whoooaaaaaah! Revisions, twists, turns, can I actually make it up that incline?
  • Yeeeeeeee! Literary agent is interested.
  • Owwwwwww! Rejection – and I'm upside down with my heart in my throat and my lunch about to come up.
  • Wheeeeeeee! Great idea for a new book. Can't wait to get started!

You get the picture. It’s a constant back-and-forth-up-and-down-full-speed-ahead-full-stop type of existence. It’s making me kind of crazy. (Husband would dispute "kind of.")

Some days, it's a monumental task to stay focused and positive in the face of rejection. Good thing I have friends, family and fellow writers who support me no matter what.

I recently entered blurbs from Hannah’s Half in contests held on writer and agent blogs. Other writers who commented were thoughtful and encouraging, even when making critiques. My sister-in-law, Camm, tweeted me with enthusiastic comments while she read Hannah’s Half – in one day. My husband, Andy, exclaimed "Goose poop!" at the agent who emailed with a 'pass' this morning.

So, today I want to say thanks to Andy, Tessa, TracytheWriter, TracytheFriend, Camm, Christi, Wendi, Arlene, Jenni, Hunter, Micki, Kathryn, Alison, Tim, Joanie, my bookclub and the dozens of others who always ask how the current book is coming along, who always give a “like” on Facebook when I post good news, who always suggest ways to pamper myself when I get bad news, who always read a blog about writing just because the care about me.

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  1. Hurray! Still sane enough to write, make coffee, and get out of bed! In my book, that's doing pretty fantastic!
    Hey, nice facelift on this blog, by the way!
    You inspire me to keep working! Entered a song contest in January; I was one of the 239 out of 24o who came in second. Oh well. New album is being wrapped up now; working on the cover. I think of you 'out there, kicking ass' and it inspires me. Rock on! --Tim