Monday, June 10, 2013

Sharing Our Creative Endeavors

Yesterday, I was at a park enjoying the sunny day and the live music at Animas Riverfest. I ran into a former work colleague I hadn’t seen in three years or more. I faced the same dilemma I face every time someone asks what I’m “doing” now.

“Oh, I’m still a marketing and communications specialist for Goodwill Industries International,” I typically say.

And, then I must decide whether to share that I am also a writer — of fiction. If I do share, then the conversation ALWAYS goes the same way. I kid you not. EVERY SINGLE TIME. First, they ask if I’m published. Second, they ask if I’ve considered self-publishing.

No, I’m not published. Yes, I’ve considered self-publishing. Most aspiring authors do consider self-pubbing but must carefully weigh 1.) their reasons for self-publishing and 2.) how it fits in their overall writing goals.

More and more, I find myself not sharing my writing life. I find it tiring to explain how tough an industry it is -- even if you self-publish (especially if you self-publish). And I don't want to feel defensive about something so important to me.

And did I tell this former colleague I'm a writer? Yes, yes I did. And yes, it played out as I described above. But that's okay.

One of my best friends was up on stage, playing the bass guitar. Like me, she's a communications professional by day. But she had the guts to say, "I want to create music." And she went out and did it. Took bass lessons. Plays in bands. Puts herself out there.

So, like Tracy, I'm putting myself out there. I want to write, no matter the end result. I think I need a cool hat like hers, though.