Friday, June 25, 2010

Miscellaneous, Caffeine-Induced Thoughts

No one theme for this morning's blog. Just felt like writing. Imagine that!

Could it be that I eat chocolate-covered espresso beans with my DECAF coffee?

1. FINALLY decided to open a Twitter account to follow agents, publishers and other stakeholders in the publishing industry (in addition to The Onion and People magazine, of course). When agents tweet about reading queries or partial manuscripts (sometimes at coffee shops and sometimes by the pool!), it kind of makes my head hurt wondering when they'll get to mine. Their personal tweets, though, make them seem so much more human (and so much less scary). I still feel like an icky voyeur but I'll get over that soon. ;0

2. With inspiration from Joanie T., my therapist, I've developed a system for surviving agent rejection! On small bits of paper, I've written ways to treat myself. These bits go in a basket and will be drawn randomly as I receive rejections. An espresso, a walk around the block, a Cowtail from Fuzzywigs Candy Factory, a candy apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a phone call to a friend in the middle of a workday. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Help me come up with other ways to treat myself that won't break the bank! I'm expecting quite a few rejections.

3. Am gearing up for the Taos Summer Writers' Conference in mid July. I'm taking a weeklong advanced fiction workshop led by author Pam Houston. I'm terrified to workshop my writing but I got so much out of last year's Ghost Ranch writers' retreat that I am looking forward to the 'growth' I will experience. If you get a chance, read Houston's "Cowboys Are My Weakness." An amazing collection of short stories. Perfect summer reading. In fact, my second novel is turning out to be a collection of linked short stories. Serendipity!

4. Wow. Caffeine is an amazing thing after you've been off it for a while. Where can I find a marathon to run?? Well, a hike on the Colorado trail will have to do. Oh my Goddess, I love living in Colorado.

Happy weekend to everyone, and don't forget to add to my "Ways to Treat Mandy" basket!


  1. In my basket of treats:
    -Pet my cat
    -Send a love note to a friend
    -Tell a stranger on the street how fabulous they look
    -Drink a perfect glass of water (for me, that's ice cold and some tasty fruit mixed in)
    -Put on my favorite song of the moment

    Wish I was having your energy this morning! I hope your hike is beautiful.

  2. I was just thinking about the writer Pam Houston the other day as we drove through the San Luis Valley. I would love to hear about the workshop with her. TGIF!

  3. Two years after sending out 125 query letters to agents and receiving 50 to 75 rejections (the others didn't write back), I became pretty good at not flipping a loop when they said no. Deep breath, a refreshing drink, the basket and tear the envelop open. I bet you'll get an acceptance though! For the basket - thirty minutes out in nature with a hot cup of coffee while you check email.