Friday, October 9, 2009

Conjure the Dream

I've written several times about my intention board -- it has my calls to the universe for things I want to manifest in my life. Well, until today, they've only been words on Post-It notes; nothing visual.

I recently ran across a powerful exercise for first-time novelists. You're supposed to seek out an image you think represents your future book cover -- and then cut out words and paste up a mock cover to remind you of the dream of publishing that manuscript one day.

Can I just say HOW MUCH FUN it was to do this? I have some graphic design expertise so I did a pretty involved mock-up (see photo). Then, I did one for the two women in my writers' group. (We had breakfast today to pump each other for a Friday full of writing.)

The Artist's Way also encourages writers to imagine all the juicy details of their dreams. Not just stating "Publish book." The author suggests writing specifics about what it would mean to achieve that dream. My image is walking in downtown Durango past Maria's, our independent bookstore, and seeing copies of my book in the window with a sign, "Latest Novel from Local Author Mandy Mikulencak."

A former co-worker of mine would write her dreams/wants/desires on pieces of paper, fold them up and hide them in different places in her house. Another would write out her intentions and then burn them, sending the smoke up as her request to the universe.
Do you take time to conjure your dream, in all its glorious details? I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow, your cover is amazing! What a great exercise. I don't do anything this visual, but I do a fair amount of organized daydreaming, both mentally and in my journal. Sort of a, here's what my writing life will look like, visualization. It helps keep me motivated and focused.

  2. I just "had" to design a cover for my wannabe novel a while ago, here is a link if you are interested. It wasn't about trying to manifest or anything like that, but I did feel a need to have something more concrete.
    Good luck with the book!

  3. Al, enjoyed your blog (and your book cover). I chuckled to read your comments about procrastination. Designing my cover was a bit of that, too. ;0

  4. I have created a cover for my book as well. Working with different pictures I was able to get exactly what I was envisioning. Thanks for the idea. If you are interested in a little adventure and mystery or young readers please check out my blog.